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HHO - Hydrogen on-demand fuel systems. Water as Fuel. Yes it really does work!

If you arrived at our site, you've probably already done some research on HHO. There are so many sites out there selling books, plans and hype. Are any of these people actually building and installing the systems? Or are they just affiliates out to make a quick buck? We're actually building and installing HHO generators. Our company truck is partially run on gasoline/HHO and we sell the same unit that our truck runs off of.

How are we different?

At Water Car AZ we use and demo our product and perform installs. For the price you'd pay for some flimsy online kit, we actually do all the work fitting, installing and tuning your vehicle. We aren't converting your entire engine, just adding a module to it. Water Car AZ is keeping prices low so that this unit is affordable to everyone.

You can save money on gas by running your car partially on water - just regular water! Our latest client saw an immediate 22% increase in gas mileage with no modifications other than an install of our system. Even more increases are possible with electronic modifications. Water Car AZ will custom build a safe totally encased module for your vehicle, we do the install and we do the tuning. We're a stable company, and also own two other companies and websites to prove that. Water Car AZ, LLC doesn't offer affiliate sales programs, push products and booklets. Our company is simply trying to fill the demand for alternative fuel systems to help all of us cope with rising gas prices and the current economy. We don't do commercials, we're not on TV, because we're trying to make our system affordable to those who need it.

Buying one of our HHO Generators to install yourself: COMING SOON: Check back for professional kits designed specifially for your make and model vehicle. We are currently working to build, fit and modify kits that will be easy for you to install. We'll post products and prices as soon as generators are available. Email us with your specific needs.

On the brief video you'll actually SEE the bubbling as water is converted to hydrogen. Not just a few bubbles and pops, but a continuous supply of real energy. The gas is lit to show explosions, as visual proof of how much power our system can create.

HHO Generators, HHO Kits, Water for Gas, Water Cars, Gas Mileage

Don't be fooled by sites selling kits! If you don't know what you're doing, you are literally playing with fire! We've seen the kits using glass jars which are not safe! Our tech has decades of experience in auto, electrical and specialty installs, exotic cars, Barrett-Jackson vehicles, celebrity vehicles and show cars. Our company does not use glass jars or any of the flimsy materials in our WaterCar systems. These are heavy duty systems and most imporantly safe systems. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. See the FAQ Frequently Asked Questions page which covers most questions. Our HHO generators are one single module, not several jars or containers and a mess of wires as seen on other sites. The generator is under the hood, the on/off switch is on your dash. It's that simple!

If you travel a lot or own a fleet of vehicles, you simply must see what our system can do for you. We do all our installs in Scottsdale, Arizona, we have references and satisfied customers.

Fossil fuels vs Hybrids, Electric, Grease and Hydrogen engines. What is our niche in the market?

The real truth is, it's going to take America a long time to stop relying on fossil fuels. The focus of our company is to take baby steps in that direction, and to make it possible for the regular working class person to partially convert to HHO (Hydrogen) with the car they already own.

Going "Green" sadly costs a lot of money, which is why only the rich can afford the Prius and similar hybrids. Add to that dilemma, a newer car costs more to insure, and still depreciates the second it leaves the lot.

Our system makes your car run cleaner, run more efficiently, yet doesn't alter your car to the point that your basic mechanic can't do routine maintenance. Our older cars save us thousands on insurance, they're paid off, so why risk ruining the car? Why drop $30K into a hybrid when you can keep your reliable old ride going strong? Let's put it this way...if your Prius or hybrid car gets stuck in the middle of the desert in Arizona, is the guy at the small town service station going to know how to fix it or even have parts for it? Nope. So until everyone catches up with the "Green" trend, it's still more practical to keep your car the way it is, and only add modifications that don't interfere with it's function or re-sale value.

Our site is being finished. If you want more information on our products and services, please call: (480) 626-0500

In addition to our WaterCar systems, we also do all types of automotive work, specializing in sound systems, alarms and Bluetooth products. Please see our other websites:

www.overdrivecustoms.com All things car audio, electronics, alarms, remotes, reapirs and installs. We keep a low overhead and pass the savings on to you.

www.bluetoothaz.com The best in hands-free Parrot/Bluetooth products and installs and product instruction.


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